What you do does not define who you are, doing what you do best with your heart makes you more than who you are. -Amy Lim

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dedicating this post to the kindest people I know

Amy, you know that feeling?
That sense of eagerness for the moment. Optimism for the future. And confidence that you are exactly "when" and where you should be. That feeling that makes dark days lighter and light days brighter. That precedes breakthroughs, conquests, and euphoria. 
Yes, that feeling!
Well, it doesn't just come. 
You have to give it to yourself.
Go on. 
    The Universe

This message came into my e-mail box right on the dot this morning. Today, I finally am able to sit in my own living room instead of the white sheeted hospital bed in Assunta hospital that I have been lying on for a week. I will talk about the reason of admission on another day since most of you have asked me about it. 

However, this blog post is for me to express my gratitude to a few (maybe more than that) people because the one thing that you learn from a traumatic experience is that the most important thing in life is to have people that loves and care for you when you most need it. After all, "A friend in need is a friend in deed", right?

Firstly, it is an understood gratitude that my utmost gratefulness goes to my parents and my family. My father stayed with me in the hospital throughout my stay. Also, my mother, siblings, grandparents, aunt and uncle came almost everyday to visit me. 

Secondly, my boyfriend, Wei-Lim, who despite the circumstances he is in has come to visit me several times until I was discharged. 

I also want to thank you, Kavidha (my big mama) for visiting me on the second day and bringing me a jar of positive energy. You also wrote an encouraging message and placed it in the jar which, lifted me a bit while I was at my lowest. 

Imran, Imran, Imran, thank you for bringing me good books on the third day and told me interesting stories while I was beginning to feel depressed in the hospital room. 

David oh David, your call. Thank you so much for calling me. It might be a small gesture but do you know how much impact it did for one person? Truthfully, it lifted my mood a lot and Kavidha was there while you called so it was double the comforting energy. 

My unicorn Alex, it seems to me I will always be your unicorn too, right? Thank you Alex for messaging me such positivity. It contributed a lot to the healing of my soul. 

Elicia, oh my pretty Elicia, thank you for wanting to fly over to KL to visit me despite being in Malacca. The thought counts and your message made me smile when it was hard to smile. 

To Richard, Wan Sin and Carmen, thank you for all the funny puns and jokes. I'm not sure if it was intentional but it sure did made me laugh and feel much better. 

To the sweetest couple, Kristy and Elden, thank you for giving me a surprise visit al though I was already discharged, which I sincerely apologize for not informing earlier. Thank you both so much for the kind and sweet surprise visit. May God bless both of you.

To James, Man Dee, Zee Haw, Charlie, Melvin, and Thirumagall, thank you for messaging me on Facebook. Thank you for your concern. I really want to thank you all very much. May all of you be blessed with good health this year.

To Zun Zen who has been actively wishing me to get well on almost every SNS I have posted on. Thank you dear. You are always such an angel. Thank you for your caring gestures. 

Sean, oh Sean, thank you for your messages and blessing. God bless you too my friend.

My dear Yen Li, thank you for wanting to visit me. You're one of the sweetest girl I have met. The thought counts and thank you again dear. 

There's a lot of people to thank and I won't miss out any of you. Thank you Janice, Sofea, Wai Leong, Athira, Aunt Elle, Uncle Kim Yew, Andrew, Xiao Hui, Hema, Sharinee, Carolyn, Zoe, Crystal, Vincent, Sue Ching, Lavanya, Hong Kai, Jacqueline, Rahul, Farah, Jovian, Pn. Ngau, Melissa, Dayang, Mr. Winston, Sabirah, Syafea, Aunt Debbie, Pn. Sibyl, Patrick, Pn. Liew, Katrina, and Eugene, thank you for wishing me on Facebook. Every small gesture contributed to a bigger impact on my healing. God bless you all.

To those who wished me on Instagram, Ms. Chia Huey, Kimberly, Shereen, Sharin, Ethan, Leeynesh, Jia Jun, Marcus, Jolene, Erica, Kelvin, Yuet Ting, Venisa, Snoopymin (such a cute nickname), Mahirah, Mun Yee, Earlvin, Angelina, Daniel Thomas, Sze Li, Cafrey, Binny, Jordan and Masuma, thank you for your concern, Like I said earlier, your small gestures made a huge impact to me. God bless you all.

Uncle Raymond, don't work too hard yea. You will always be someone who impacts me with your positivity indirectly or directly. 

That's about it. I'm recovering at home now. I will emerge stronger than ever after this. Just wait for the cheerful and hyper Amy back in awhile!!

With love,
Amy Lim.

Monday, January 6, 2014

6.1.2014// The word today is kindness #100happydays

I have just finished grabbing everything I need for tomorrow's lunch. There are two packets of frozen fish belly I have been wanting to purchase, packets of frozen corn, Japanese mushrooms, a few tubs of 100% fat free yoghurt in various flavors and chocolates in the shopping cart. That is about all I need for a week's worth of meal considering it is only for lunch. As I was walking towards the check out counters I am already wondering what to prepare for Sunday's dinner with the team. 

Eventually, I found myself situated behind two separate couples at the check out counter on the left. I fiddled with my mobile phone while waiting and as the couple in front of me is beginning to leave I put my items on the conveyer belt. However, just then, a middle age looking woman was queuing behind me with only a detergent on her hand. 

Without hesitation, I made this hand gesture indicating she should go ahead of me. An expression of surprise panned across her face. Simultaneously, she was puzzled yet grateful towards me. I just smiled at her as she advances to pay her item while I patiently waited for my turn next. As the cashier was scanning the item the lady asked me, "Ni shi ben di ren ma?" (Are you local?). This was the beginning of a short yet pleasant conversation. 

I think she talked to me to fill up the waiting time since I let her go first though it was suppose to be my turn. Regardless the reason, it was nice to have had a quick chat with a random stranger who appreciate your kindness. Also, I did not stop smiling after she left because I could see the delight in her eyes when she thanked me again and said good bye. 

Sometimes, you just do not know when a random act of kindness could make someone's day. It could be allowing someone behind you to go first at a check out counter. It could be waiting for someone to enter the lift before pushing the 'close' button though they might be quite a distance away. It could be holding a door open for someone behind you at public complexes. It could be any random act of kindness!! 

Go on, just do it, just do one random act of kindness and the pleasure of doing it will encourage you to make it into a habit.

I myself, have three random act of kindness that I practice as a habit. 

  1. I always hold the door open for someone behind me at public places
  2. I will always wait for someone to enter the lift as long as I can see them already from a distance
  3. I will always stop my moving vehicle to let someone cross the road (usually not at zebra crossings)

Perhaps I will add one more to the list of habits, always allow someone behind you at the check out counter to pay first regardless of the amount of items they have in their shopping cart. Simply because, it makes me happy to be appreciated and to see the delight in their eyes when you have done something kind for them.

Cheers, Amy Lim Su Yen.